140 Clinical Decision Making Cases (CDM) with
feedback and grading for each case based on your



Study with a real time simulator that looks, feels, and acts like the real test. This is the best and most effective way to study for the COMLEX Level 3 CDM Portion of the exam

Grading and Feedback

Grading and Feedback

After each test, you will be given a grade and feedback on things that you did right and things that you could improve upon. This is an effective way to improve your performance and ultimately your score on the CDM Portion of the COMLEX Level 3 Exam.

140 Cases

140 Cases

We have 140 cases that go through the most commonly seen cases presented on the CDM Portion of the COMLEX Level 3 Exam.

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What Level 3 CDM Cases offers:

  • Simulation experience almost identical to the real testing environment
  • 140 cases to study and become familiar with how the real test works
  • Scoring, grading, and feedback based on your answers provided for each case with suggestions on how to improve your score.
  • Buy early and study at your own pace.
  • Try 2 free cases before you buy


Study for the COMLEX Level 3 CDM portion with 140 cases with
grading and feedback.


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I've learned more about the CDM cases from than I have from paying $180 for Q-bank cases, It's been very helpful.

Hao S.

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Comlex Level 3 CDM cases offers a real-time interactive grading and feedback. Each case that is studied will provide you with this feedback. You will find that we have much more cases and that the grading is much more like how the real test will be than if you were to study with COMQUEST. You will find 140 cases and each case has 4-8 questions each which will provide you the study material to do well on the COMLEX Level 3 CDM cases portion of the exam on test day. You will see that Level 3 CDM Cases offers more value, grading, a reasonable fee, and more cases. We ask that you try out our trial version to compare the difference yourself. 

We are very confident that if you compare our Comlex Level 3 CDM software program for the that you will see that it a superior product to study for the clinical decision making (CDM) part of the test. Clinical decision making (CDM) is becoming a larger and larger part of the Comlex level 3 test, so it is more important than ever to study these cases. It is likely that in the future, these clinical decision making cases will become a larger portion of your total grade. There is real-time, interactive feedback based on your responses. It is better that studying the NBOME CDM Practice cases the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners CDM Practice cases. Our cases will offer feedback based on your responses as well as a case summary. With our Comlex level 3 CDM program, you will get grading based on your responses.