COMLEX level 3 CDM Cases


For those looking for COMLEX Level 3 CDM Cases, look no further. We have 100+ cases that have an interactive simulator that will help you master the CDM portion of the COMLEX Level 3 exam. It goes through the different types of questions including the fill in the blank questions and the multiple choice questions. Feedback will be given based on your responses at the end of the case. 

If you would like to get feedback after each question, there is an option to turn this on in our practice mode option. We let you try out 2 of our cases for free before purchasing. We feel the once you try out our COMLEX Level 3 CDM Cases, that you will know that these are high quality cases that will help you perform well on the COMLEX level 3 on test day. 

Other companies will only offer a few cases to practice on. There are approximately 26 Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) on test day. There are 8 sections on the COMLEX test and 2 of them are dedicated to CDM cases. This means that the CDM is 25% of your grade.  

This is a significant portion of your grade that you should not neglect. This can be the difference between passing and failing. The software takes some getting used to, so you should be doing many many practice cases. No one offers as many cases to practice for the CDM portion of the exam.

Try it out for yourself by trying 2 free cases here

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