CDM Cases


What are CDM Cases?

CDM Cases are short for Clinical decision making cases. This is a relatively new part of the COMLEX Level 3. Essentially, there will be a case introduction with a clinical scenario such as a patient presenting with chest pain. Some things that the case can ask you in the CDM Cases is what physical exam to perform, what imaging to get, what medication to prescribe, the disposition of the patient (discharge home or admit to the hospital), and the diagnosis for the case. 

There will be 26 of these cases which will take 3.5 hours on the morning of the second day of the COMLEX Level 3. The best strategy to do well on these cases is to know everything about that particular case so that you will be prepared for anything that the exam will throw at you. Knowing the correct test, imaging, medications, and diagnosis is what will make you do well on a particular case. 

The key to doing well on the CDM Cases portion of the test is to practice, practice, practice. The software can take some getting used to, particularly the fill in the blank (the test calls it short answer responses). This has quite a bit of rules which you will need to be familiar with prior to taking the test.

Try out out demo which you can try two free cases which is located here. Thanks for reading.