COMLEX CDM is a relatively new part of the COMLEX Level 3 exam. CDM is short for "Clinical Decision Making." Essentially, you will be presented with a clinical case and you will need to make decisions about performing a physical exam, ordering labs, interpreting labs, ordering imaging, interpreting imaging, and providing treatment. Treatment could include things like medications, antibiotics, surgery, consultations, fluids, to name a few. 

There are two different types of answer types when answering questions: There is the multiple choice answer where you have a number of choices and you can order a specific number of answers (i.e. like ordering 3 of 15 answers). The second type of answer is the short answer or fill-in-the-blank answer. This is where you can type anything in the answer. COMPLEX CDM is very specific on how they wish for the fill in the blank to be formatted. Check out our post on how to correctly fill out the fill-in-the-blank answers. There are quite a few rules that the COMLEX has posted. 

Each COMLEX CDM case has 2-4 questions on each case and can ask anything that has been listed above. We go over all aspects of a case so that you can answer any of the questions that can be asked for a specific case, so our cases have more questions that you will typically see on the COMLEX. Our cases on will have between 4-8 questions to cover all aspects of the case which include the appropriate part of the physical exam that should be ordered, the appropriate lab work and imaging, appropriate treatment, and appropriate follow-up and required consultations.

If you would like to try out our COMLEX CDM Cases for yourself, you can go here and sign up for a demo to try out 2 free CDM cases. We ask that you take some time to try it out and learn how the CDM portion of the test works. 

Thanks for reading.