We have 100+ COMLEX Level 3 CDM cases that will go through the most commonly seen cases on the COMLEX. It will go through physical exam findings, ordering tests, data interpretation, generating a diagnosis, and treatment. 

Treatment includes prescribing medication, planning follow-up, and counseling.

Each cases will have 2-4 questions. We have more questions in our cases because a clinical case may focus on a particular part of the case and not others. We include all parts so that you will be prepared for any COMLEX Level 3 CDM cases question in regards to a specific case.  

There will be 26 cases on the morning of the second day of the COMLEX test. There will be 13 cases followed by a 10 minutes break and then another 13 cases for a total of 26 cases. Each case will have 2-4 questions for a total of approximately 70-80 questions total. The multiple choice questions for the rest of the test will be 420 questions (6 sections of 70 multiple choice questions = 420 questions), so with the CDM cases there will be a total of 490-500 questions. 

As this is 2 sections out of 8, this will be approximately 25 percent of your grade, so it is important to study hard for the CDM portion of the exam. We ask that you try our free 2 cases which are located here and find out for yourself that our COMLEX Level 3 CDM questions are going to be an essential part of your studying plan to do well on the COMLEX level 3 exam.