Failed COMLEX Level 3

Failed COMLEX Level 3

We all know how disappointing it is to fail a major examination, particularly when you have failed COMLEX Level 3. All those hours spent studying along with the feeling that you thought you wouldn't have to study certain material ever again. 

Some students have a specific area that have led to fail the COMLEX Level 3. A typical area that leads students to fail the COMLEX level 3 is the Clinical Decision Making (CDM) section. The main reason is that the format of the CDM questions are unfamiliar leading some students to do poorly enough to fail the COMLEX level 3. 

At, we focus on this particular section of the COMLEX level 3. We have 140+ cases that go through all of the commonly seen CDM cases that will help you be prepared for the CDM portion of the COMLEX Level 3. We have internal medicine, psychiatry, neurology, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and emergency medicine cases. These give the breadth of cases that will be seen on the real test to help you not fail the COMLEX Level 3.

It is important to study for the CDM portion of the test as this will be 25% of your grade. Many student neglect this part, so we recommend (though we are slightly biased) that you save yourself the heartache of failing COMLEX Level 3 and study for the CDM portion of the test.

Go ahead and check it out. You can do 2 free cases prior to purchase located here. You'll see that the program looks exactly like the CDM questions on the real test which include fill-in-the blank questions along with multiple answer questions. This will help you get used to seeing these types of questions, so that you will be a pro before test day.