New User Interface Added!

We added a new user interface to We knew that our user interface was vanilla and very utilitarian. We have redesigned everything and made it much more visually appealing and keeping the same features and even added some new features. Here is a screenshot of what the case selector:

Some new features:

  • Filter cases by Category
  • New "Card Style"
  • Hide Completed/Incomplete Cases
  • New "Tags" feature that you can narrow down case by keyword such as "chest pain."
  • Added new Theme which include dark mode, beach theme, and jungle theme.
  • Ability to print your receipt
  • Ability to hide cases
  • New Report Card Feature

Report Card Feature:

The Report Card Feature is helpful to determine which categories and/or specific cases that need the most work prior to taking the test. This can be helpful, so you can focus on categories such as Pediatrics prior to test day. This is helpful to compare your progress to the average of all of users to determine how you are faring in comparison to your peers. This can help you determine when you are ready to tackle the real test. Here is an overview of what the report card feature goes overs:

  • First Case Attempts versus All other users average score
  • 10 worst performing cases
  • 10 best performing cases
  • First Attempt vs Best Attempt by Case
  • Average Attempt by Category
  • Performance over Time